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Monday, April 27, 2020

New Interview: Henry Featured In 'Healthy For Men' Magazine

The latest issue of the UK's Healthy for Men magazine features a new interview with Henry. We almost missed it with everything going on but thanks to LeonidasKing on Reddit we have it for you today.

Henry talks about his love for sports, The Durrell Challenge (postponed until September), maintaining a healthy routine, and taking his shirt off on set!

You can subscribe to the magazine at this link.


  1. It's nearly impossible to imagine anyone being able to properly represent The Man of Steel other than Henry😍. He is Superman. Really hoping he comes back to the big screen, in one way or another, as Kal-El. An eternal & hopefully devoted H.C.🤩 fan

  2. I liked his body best in The Immortals.

  3. He's the best superman ever. No one can compare.

  4. good posting thank you!


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