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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Happy Birthday Superman! -- Zack Snyder Remembers His 'Man of Steel'

Director Zack Snyder has come through again with a very cool throwback to an iconic scene in Man of Steel, just in time to celebrate Superman's birthday!


Meanwhile, Lex Luthor (actually several of them)... not so thrilled, lol.  

As for the Man of Steel himself, he's apparently been busy in the kitchen... Happy (belated) Birthday, Superman!

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  1. Can't wait to see Zack's next big project! He is a visionary!
    Also, Henry's roast looks delicious!! That crackling...superb =) xx

  2. Hoy más que nunca la canción de Luis miguel SUEÑA nos llena de luz deja que la luz llegue a tu corazón la luz nos da fuerza se luz que Dios te bendiga

    1. Translation for Mar:

      Today more than ever the song of Luis Miguel SUEÑA fills us with light, let the light reach your heart, the light gives us strength, the light that God bless you

  3. I saw MOS 4 times in the cinema. At the beginning of Henry's first flight, I had nerd goosebumps. At the conclusion of the scene, when he flys by the planet, my eyes where wet with nerd tears. My favorite superhero. Happy Birthday to the Big Blue Boy scout. It is time for you to dust off the cape. Do write by Henry WB and make MOS2 -- please.����

    1. AMEN! Still waiting for MO2 but am very happy to see Henry in other projects--MI:6, Night Hunter, The Witcher, etc.


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