Thursday, July 16, 2020

Henry Busy, Busy, Busy During Quarantine

Who knew he was so crafty?!


  1. You are the whole package, sweetie :) I love a man that is handy and can do stuff around the house.

  2. Not surprised at allπŸ₯° Henry's 😍 never ending skills. Henry, well done & very impressive!! Thanks for sharing another part of you.
    Wishing you hours of gaming thrills with that extra level of satisfaction knowing this is genuinely your PC.
    A forever 😍HCπŸ₯° fan

  3. Everything about this video is just magical. Who knew putting together a PC could be so sexy =). I hope Henry is enjoying gaming on his fancy new machine!

  4. Nice pictures, looking good, many hours of gaming!!!! So cool!!!!Have fun!!!!

  5. As a seasoned IT professional and hardcore fan, I am very impressed with Henry's tech skills. Also what a beautiful piece of hardware built by a very beautiful human being. I also have to add -- what great taste in old skool 1970's soul music.😎

  6. Beautiful, talented, compassionate and intelligent.πŸ₯° God has really achieved perfection with this one. He should just use Henry as a template when making all future men. Please πŸ™πŸ€­

  7. This man is amazing! A true gem.

  8. Barry White? BARRY WHITE! LMAO

    Honestly, this was his best IG post to date. And can we take a moment to appreciate the edit here. Henry really needs to invest in a Director's chair, though I'm really rooting for an Exec Producer line in The Witcher credits for him even more.

    Back to the point - double kudos to Henry; first on the CPU build, and second on a great vid. :)

    1. I'm praying for him to get an executive producer role in The Witcher. With his knowledge and love for the lore that should be a no brainer. He already did a lot of that work anyway according to everyone in the cast and crew.

  9. Oh Henry baby that’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen you do sent shivers down my spine your a true star love you Henry


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