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Thursday, July 2, 2020

BTS From No.1 Rosemary Water Promo, More On The Way!

Last summer Henry visited Acciaroli, Italy to film a doc about No1 Rosemary Water. Today we got a few behind-the-scenes pics from those trips and apparently, we're in for more!

Ahhhhhh Acciaroli. One year ago the No.1 team and @henrycavill and his team went down to the mythical village of #acciaroli Italy to take a few snaps and film our story with the Mayor and the villagers. The story of the #centenarians of Acciaroli and their diet which includes plenty of #rosemary and now part of a number of scientific studies into healthy old age is narrated by the wonderful Henry and has now been viewed over 3.5million times. It was a lot of fun making it and is a beautiful piece of cinematography in its own right. It was hot (Really HOT) and we started early in the morning with this photo shoot on the boat (very kindly gifted by a local acciarolian) Great memories, lots of laughs and we cannot believe it was a year ago. Here are some behind the scenes shots (shot on....iPhone!) - To follow over the next few weeks will be the finished professional unseen shots by @kalle_gustafsson plus a few more behind the scenes goodies. We will also have some exclusive unseen shots for our registered online customers but you can just sign up to our newsletter to get them (on our website). Link in bio. All brought to you with love & herbs. Enjoy 🙏🏻 . . . . #henrycavill #acciaroli #no1botanicals #superherbs #superman #behindthescenes #rosemarywater #centenarian #healthyfood #drinktoyourhealth #nosugar #noadditives #picoftheday #fun #love #herbs #rosemary #naturesmedicinecabinet
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We'll share the photos teased by the No.1 Botanicals team, as they come in.

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Behind The Scenes.....continuing the anniversary vibe of our Acciaroli x @henrycavill trip last year to film our little documentary, we have some more BTS shots (mostly taken on iPhone - keeping it real!) Day 1 was filming around the beautiful village and Day 2 was out on the boat. It was HOT (darn hot) and (of course) Henry was a consummate professional. We had a LOT of fun, laughed a lot (and mucked around a bit) passed around the suncream a lot and stayed hydrated with a lovely refreshing botanical drink (🤔) But we were all super focused and worked very hard to make it magical (Ok we may have had a cheeky cocktail or two in the evening at the wrap party) And at the end of the day we all watched that wonderful Mediterranean sun slowly go down on the magical village of Acciaroli.... . . . . #henrycavill #acciaroli #rosemary #rosemaryhasasecret #health #picoftheday #superman #and #super #herb #whyrosemary #thewitcher #no1rosemarywater #no1botanicals #centenariansecrets #centenariansdiet #love&herbs #healthiswealth
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  1. Brasil - Henry, sempre lindo, de enorme talento e amor ao próximo. Parabéns e sucesso sempre.

    1. Translation for katicris July 2, 2020 at 9:04 AM by Rebecca
      Henry, always beautiful, with enormous talent and love for his neighbour. Congratulations and success always.


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