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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Henry Talks 'The Witcher' With Vanity Fair

In this new interview with Vanity Fair, Henry talks in-depth about his work on The Witcher. Give it a read below as we wait for filming on Season 2 to resume next month!

Image: Netflix


  1. Great interview!!
    It makes me so sad and angry reading about the trouble Henry had with the contact lenses during S1 filming.
    I really hope this is managed better by everyone (including Henry) during S2 shoots. The show is nothing compared to Henry's eyes and vision, so I hope he takes better care of himself at work. He's too important xx

    1. What was the problem with the contacts?

    2. Volcanic ash from filming in the Canary Islands got behind the contact lenses and itched his eyeballs.

      (I was going to type balls instead of eyeballs, but realise that some folks with one-track minds would misinterpret.)

  2. Querido Henry,
    Lamento mucho todo los problemas de salud con tus ojos, espero no tengas consecuencias serias.
    La verdad me encantan los ojos amarillos de tu personaje, realmente luces como un lobo humano le dan esa credibilidad también sobresale y manifiesta de una forma tan real la personalidad misteriosa, fantástica, mágica que me hace derretir todita.😍
    I can't wait for the next season.
    Cuidate I love you.

  3. Season One was amazing. I am SO looking forward to Season Two of the Witcher. Henry is an amazing actor and I hope to see him many more things. 💜Shannon

  4. What a great guy! He's the best Geralt we could ever get. ❤️

  5. I can not say this enough: the best casting for Geralt they could do! He was phenomenal and the way he cares about the show and the world of The Witcher is heartwarming!

  6. Excellent actor, his love for the series is very apparent and we love him for that.


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