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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

'Enola Holmes' Is Out On Netflix Today! -- New Interviews

You heard Sherlock! -- Time to cheer for our favorite detective.

Enola Holmes is out on Netflix, and the new promo interviews with Henry are coming in. We'll keep updating them in this post and our YouTube playlist. You can catch the rest in this interview wrap





Henry's interview with Entertainment Tonight






  1. Congratulations to Henry, Millie, Sam, Harry and the entire cast and crew of Enola Holmes!! This was an absolutely fantastic movie, with wonderful, rich characters and important messages and themes! I am so glad Netflix got behind this movie. I can't wait for, hopefully...fingers crossed, a second Enola Holmes movie!

  2. Henry😍, Heartfelt congratulations to you, your wonderful co-stars and all involved with Enola Holmes!! Such a delightful & enchanting film for movie-goers.
    You bring another dimension to Sherlock. It is a genuine pleasure watching you in this film🤩.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon in ZS's cut.
    You'll always be my favorite 🥰

  3. I saw Enola last night and thought it was brilliant. It has the makings of a massive hit for Netflix, and if there isn't at least a sequel I'd be shocked. Great performances by Henry, Millie, and the entire cast. It's one of those movies that fun to watch the first time around, and is a great re-watch go to for when you're in the mood for something that's pure entertainment.

  4. I'm waiting to watch the movie tonight with my sister but I'm super excited with everything I hear. Watched all his interviews and Henry not only looks gorgeous but he's well spoken, funny, passes the important messages of the film and like always he praises his co workers. What a man! I can't wait to see his take on Sherlock and I can't wait to watch s2 of the Witcher. I love this man and his passion for everything he does. He's a blessing


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