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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

'The Witcher: A Look Inside The Episodes' Streaming On Netflix

Way to go, Netflix.

First, we get a really cool doc about the making of The Witcher and now they're going in-depth into each individual episode from Season 1. Check out 'The Witcher: A Look Inside The Episodes' now!

Just a few days ago, director Marc Jobst shared a pic of Henry and Freya Allan during the filming of The Witcher Season 1. We can't wait to see their story develop in Season 2, that's now resumed production in England. Stay tuned for the very latest!


  1. What HAPPY HAPPY NEWS.... more Witcher!
    Can never get enough of Henry😍 and The Witcher!
    A big thank you to all those involved in giving us more tasty Witcher treats😋.
    Please keep them coming!

  2. I'll keep praying for Henry to become a producer of the Witcher in the upcoming seasons. He defenitely knows his stuff and he deserves it.

    1. I want to see his ideas more in the next seasons. He understands the lore better than the showrunner in my opinion. He brought his team for the Renfri fight during the reshoots, and it was the best fight of the whole season, he did Geralt's voice, he looks after the whole show. I hope he can bring much more as a book and game lover.And he's perfect as Geralt. I wish he got more credit for all these.

    2. I couldn't agree more. IMO The Witcher stands far above all the other fantasy shows Netflix has tried to launch specifically because of the experience, dedication and passion Henry has brought to the project. They would not have the hit that they have without him, and if whoever is in charge at Netflix has any sense, they would put him in an Exec Producer role, and let him take more charge. Dany? Are you listening?

    3. ���� He'll do excellent in every post.

  3. I loved s1, not gonna lie, it's what introduced me to the books which I immediately fell in love with. Now having reading the books I feel s1 had some flaws manly bc Lauren wanted to tell too much stories in so little time so a lot of things are missing. I hope s2 will fix that. She said she read the feedback, I hope it's true and she understands what worked and what not for everyone not just for her. S1 was heavily focused on Yen's backstory and perhaps it was the best time to do that but with BoE coming and Geralt returing to Karr Morhen with Ciri it's time to dig into his past and learn his story. So I hope this season is more focused of Geralt's earlier story and how these 3 characters become a family. I also agree with everyone who want Henry to get a more active role in bts. He knows this universe upside down and Sapkowski praised his portrayal of Geralt.

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