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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

M:I Fallout: Fans Greet Henry As He Arrives In Beijing

Henry has arrived in Beijing ahead of the Mission: Impossible Fallout premiere tomorrow, and Anie was lucky enough to be among those there to greet him at the airport.

Thanks for the first pics!

via steph78208 // Invincible Snow Snow children's shoes on Weibo

China is the last stop in the Mission: Impossible Fallout press tour. The film opens there on Friday.


  1. Henry reminds me of the following Paul Newman, Clark Gable, John Travolta, Maxwell Caulfield and Christopher Reeve all very handsome men just had to put that out there. :) Great pictures btw

  2. It has just to be himself
    it's enough I think.:)ZBD. Great for Chinese people to meet the team for MI6.

    1. Yes! so happy for the Chinese fans who get to meet everyone and see Henry in this awesome role. Some of them were at The Durrell Challenge this year and they were so nice and super friendly.

  3. My baby looks tired, he’ll be his gorgeous self tomorrow after he rest. Sleep my handsome��lol.

  4. Those gorgeous curls are back!

  5. Dear Henry, I'm not sure if you will see this, but if you do...please, please, please let those beautiful curls out for the Beijing premiere. I love your hair in any style...but I love and am missing the curls!! =)
    All the best for today! xx


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