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Monday, October 1, 2018

'When You Give Him Space To Act (..) He Is Formidable"

When Nomis premiered at the LA Film Festival this weekend, Henry couldn't be there. But director David Raymond talked to The Hollywood Reporter about Henry's strong performance in the film:

"He looks at things much more as the picture as the whole and really gets into the script and is aware of what else is going on," says Raymond. "It's how you inspire Henry Cavill I think is to do things that that I hadn't particularly seen him have a chance to do on screen before. He has this incredible presence, but I think when you give him space to act and to create he is formidable...Henry isn't here to throw punches. There is a very specific character arc for him in a vulnerable way that we haven't seen before."

Raymond and Henry's costar, Mpho Koaho also mentioned Henry's work ethic, while talking to Rama's Screen on the red carpet...

You can read our thoughts on Nomis in our premiere wrap. Keep checking back for the latest updates, as we wait for word on a release date!


  1. Henry is indeed quite talented at anything he does. As Superman alone, he has a presence whether he throws punches or not. His emotions in MOS, BVS, and even JL are very clear. In MI6, punches or no, I found his performance remarkable as a villain. Sand Castle and Man from Uncle, stellar as well. As for this film, I firmly believe he will only further deliver. I know I said this before on the Witcher page, but boy. Very few of the best American actors can compare to the range and prep of the British and English ones. It's like it's in their blood. That's why they're the best...

  2. I had the greatest chance to see Nomis at the LA film festival and it's an amazing film considering all of the actors and actresses. Henry Cavill's character is one that he hasn't played before and definitely had him spread the acting skills he has. Seeing him as a hard man and a vulnerable one was indeed a treat! I hope this film comes out soon for all to enjoy!


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