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Friday, August 25, 2017

'M:I6' And 'Justice League' Directors Share Updates

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How lucky are we, to have two directors working on Henry's projects that take the time to share moments like these with his fans. Thank you Chris McQuarrie (who we can't wait to spot in that M:I6 cameo) and Zack Snyder.

This week Zack has been posting some really cool behind the scenes from Justice League, including this one with Jason Momoa in Iceland. You can save the pics in HQ and leave your comments on Zack's Vero account. 

This was our favorite post of his, because the courage of the kids featured in that photoshoot is truly humbling and really does make them superheroes. Read more on them at People and ABC News

Keep checking back for the latest on both Mission: Impossible 6 and Justice League.

UPDATE: Hello smokin' gun!

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