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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Studio Confirms 'M:I6' Prod. Halt, Keeps Summer Release Date

Paramount has released an official statement (via Deadline), following Tom Cruise's injury on the set of Mission: Impossible 6 over the weekend:

“During production on the latest Mission: Impossible film, Tom Cruise broke his ankle while performing a stunt. Production will go on hiatus while Tom makes a full recovery, and the film remains on schedule to open July 27, 2018. Tom wants to thank you all for your concern and support and can’t wait to share the film with everyone next summer.”

We're excited to hear that M:I6's release date is not affected and that Tom will be okay.

Image: Chris McQuarrie/Paramount

Earlier director Chris McQuarrie shared his exclusive interview with Empire, where he talks about how the production is handling the delay. It's really a must read!

Variety was first to report on Paramount's plan to shift production elements to deal with the hiatus.

According to The Wrap, filming is now expected to finish by the end of the year.

What we don't know is how this delay could affect Henry and the Justice League promotion, since you're dealing with different studios. But we're sure in the end it will all get worked out.

Of course this is all you guys want to know..


Look for updates on M:I6 as they come in.


  1. So what I got from McQuarrie's interview is exactly what I thought would happen.. they'll continue filming additional scenes as they can whilst he recovers. Which makes sense really as halting the schedule entirely would push everything months back and the other cast and crew will be having to move on to other jobs they're contracted to besides MI.6.

    Get well soon Tom, best wishes to you.

  2. See this is why I have so much respect for stunt teams! The invigourous training for years on end is most definitely worth it when we see the final result but I think we also need to keep in mind how dangerous it can be. They are very much putting their own lives at risk as we heard recently with the Deadpool stuntwoman tragically losing her life (RIP), it can all end badly in a split second. Glad to hear Tom Cruise is on the mend too and Henry, just be safe please.

  3. Filming is now expceted to finish by the end of the year???
    Does that mind that Henry will attend Justice League premieres with that horrible moustache on his face???

  4. Let's hope, it'll be alright. D


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