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Friday, August 4, 2017

Henry's Birthday Wishes For Ben The Bat

They grow up so fast.

It's hard to believe Henry's bat son, Ben is turning two today and what a furry cutie he is. Just don't say that out loud in front of Kal because apparently there is some sibling rivalry going on.

Henry adopted Ben when he was just a few months old, and since then the bat has been living at Durrell's Jersey Zoo.

We're always happy to hear how Ben is doing from Henry, whenever we catch up with him (1/2). As you know he's an ambassador for Durrell and has raised valuable funds to help the charity continue its conservation work around the world. Here's how you can get involved..

Happy Birthday Ben, hope you get some tasty treats! (P.S. Kal, you'll always be the #1 Super Puppy to us.. #travelingbear).

Henry also left his birthday wishes for Jason Momoa on his IG.

Best Supes.


  1. Oh my word! The look on Kal's face! Awwww!!!! Kal is still #1 no matter how many animals Henry adopts�� what a cutie!

  2. Translation for тнe хeɴocιde @xWinterTale 4:27 PM - Aug 4, 2017 by Rebecca
    The dog of Henry Cavill >>>>> rest of the universe.

  3. Aww... So much cuteness there. I love the way Henry makes it up to his furbaby. It's only right, he deserves all the pampering. Henry's a loving person, so cute. Happy Birthday Ben the bat! D.

  4. What an angel he is! He's so pure and precious I can't

  5. Love the pic!!!! But he looks way too skinny....

  6. Who looks too skinny, Henry or Kal......!!!

    1. :D not kal... Sry for my bad English

    2. Sry i mean henry

  7. Henry does not look skinny. Besides he has to stay at a certain size, weight and stature for the continuity reason of filming.


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