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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Comic Book Artist Hears From Superman, New 'JL' Promo Images

Leave it to Henry to kickstart August with his very British humor. When Canadian comic book artist Jason Fabok shared the Superman image he was working on sans infamous moustache, Henry had the best response.. replying to the post:

"I'm not angry....I'm just disappointed."  

Jason reacted with the drawing below.. the reign of the moustache continues!

Now that we're just over three months away from Justice League hitting theaters, new official merchandise is going on sale, and it includes a new look at Supes.

See all the merch items in HQ at wbshop.com (here's the direct Justice League link).

The images below are reportedly official promo art, but without a source we can't really confirm. They are very cool.

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Justice League toys have also started making their way to store shelves, and Steven Biscotti shared with us a close-up of Henry as Superman (thanks so much). Looking fierce, Supes!

A few weeks ago we showed you the Italian drink promo linked to Justice League, and now Vulcano out of Brazil is getting ready for its own campaign.

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We're ready to bring you everything Justice League as its November 17 release gets closer, so keep checking back for the latest updates.


  1. Warner Brothers ought to play with the hand they are dealt and do some special edition promo products with the "moustache", I bet they would sell out and they could pay back their extra expenses to remove the evil thing. lol I bet they'd make a small fortune.

  2. Really good promo art. D

  3. I laughed so hard with Henry's response on the drawing. He is adorable


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