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Monday, August 21, 2017

Flashback: Supporter Meets Supes on 'Batman v Superman' Set

Vero has become the place where many content creators including director Zack Snyder choose to post their exclusive stuff. Today we got this treat by Ayman Hariri, who met Henry while visiting the set of Batman v Superman. A few days ago he shared his photo with Ben Affleck.

In the cool pic Henry is holding the Action Comics #1 we've seen him with before. He was first pictured with the iconic issue at Superman's 75th celebration in San Diego.

Thanks for sharing your moment with Supes, Mr. Hariri.

Click for HQ


  1. Wow, thanks a lot. These are really very good pics. Just look at Supes! He's perfect... Henry's so handsome... So is his lovely hand; I just noticed for the first time, because of this photo of him holding the Action Comics #1. I just love it! *kisses* D.

  2. I'm always fangirling over Henry Cavil, thanks for the great pictures, he looks so handsome! Always looking forward to your posts, keep the good stuff coming!


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