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Monday, December 18, 2017

Sexiest Man Of The Year: Henry Among The Top Ten

Glamour UK just revealed its list of The Sexiest Men of the Year, and Henry is in the top ten!

The announcement came with this caption:

7. Henry Cavill

Born: 1983

Single? Sorry, Henry went public with his new girlfriend Lucy Cork this summer and, before you think you could see her off no trouble, take note, that she’s a stuntwoman. 

See Him Next: As Tom Cruise’s right-hand-man in Mission Impossible 6.

In 2013 Henry won the Sexiest Man of the Year title, voted on by fans. So you could say we've been slacking, but with the release of Nomis...

A post shared by Henry Cavill (@henrycavill) on

 and M:I6 next year (Sexiest Villain perhaps?)...

We'll be ready to take him back to the top!


  1. Mr.Cavill to us is the most sexiest man in the world. Mississippi/Beverly

  2. Henry Cavill is Always #1. #fangirlDown #HenryCavillAfterglow

  3. Oh, Henry's the winner, for me. D.

  4. Tom Cruise's right hand man? That's awesome!! I think there were rumors going around he might be playing a bad guy and I just felt that did not suit Henry's character. I hope they are right that he IS Tom's right hand man! NICE!!

  5. Henry is definitely my number 1. Those eyes, that smile, the voice with his British accent and a body to die for him the sexiest man on this list

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  7. Seriously, Tom Hardy at the number 1 spot? And Sam Heughan at 87?

  8. Oh por Dios! Esta gente de glamour esta ciega, como Henry #7 eso es imposible. Henry es # 1 y no solamente del año sera por siempre.


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