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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Throwback Thursday: All About 'Man of Steel'

“That was a lifelong dream of mine since 9 to meet Superman. And I did.”

This Throwback Thursday is all about Man of Steel, starting with Anil Ramcharitar's photo with Henry at the film's wrap party in Vancouver in December of 2012. How time flies!

Legendary is also in a Superman mood today, sharing this sweet Man of Steel moment as it highlighted the film's color palette.

As 2018 gets going, Supes has been in the mind of many...

Artist Alex Sinclair calling Henry his "favorite Superman."

We can't wait to hear where he shows up next!


  1. What's happening with Henry's contract with DC? I know he's got other films and projects but after watching JL I seriously think he deserves a MOS2. Story ideas 1. Following his return from the dead in JL Clark and Lois are planning the wedding and things seem to be going well till General swanwick shows up at their apartment he asks Lois if she can contact superman she was like i'll try not realising he knows Clark is superman revelling himself to be MM he tells Clark of a serious treat heading to earth in the coming days. 2 Lex made a clone from Clark's DNA creating Bizarro. 3. Clark comes in contact with Doomsday although stronger Clark gets hurts seriously where he has to recover. He spends time away only to face Bizarro and Doomsday at the same time when he returns he's wearing the black suit, beard and long hair.
    4 introduce supergirl. 5. Although this is a superman movie have other league members show up to help him defect lex and his small army. I'd love it if Clark became a father in the film or right at the end hear more than 1 heartbeat and Lois not realise she's pregnant.

    1. #1 and #2 sound really good, though I think the first plot is something the studio could go for. There’s been no word on anything Superman yet, but since this is his big year we might hear about future plans sometime this spring or more likely Comic Con. Here’s hoping!

  2. I like all the plots! Would be great to have Henry play Supes as long as Hugh played wolverine. I'd love to see Henry in a comedy or a family film not saying the roles he plays are bad or anything at all. But a change would be awesome plus it give Henry the chance to shine in other areas. Nicole :)

  3. Oh, thanks for sharing your pic. It's such a beautiful photo! Love it. D.


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