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Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year: 'M:I6' & 'Nomis' Out In 2018

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2017 introduced us to two very different sides of Henry on the big screen, and now that 2018 is here we get to see them both!

While we may not know much about his role in Mission: Impossible 6 (rumored to be the villain), we do know he plays a law enforcement agent dealing with a dangerous cyber criminal in Nomis.

M:I6 will hit theaters on July 27, but we're still waiting on a Nomis release date with additional photography scheduled to begin in Winnipeg next week. We'll keep you updated on both projects and anything else Henry may have up his sleeve.

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Here's to an exciting 2018, Happy New Year!


  1. And a happy new year it is! Happy new year HCN Staff and Administrators! Let's hope in addition to these two films, we get solid word on Henry appearing in Shazam and confirmation on an honest-to-goodness MOS2!

  2. Looking forward to both of these movies. It will be great to see Henry in something other than his super suit.

  3. Happy New Year! D.

  4. Yeah!Happy New Year HCN team!!

    1. ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!
      Rebecca xxx


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