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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Brilliant In Blue: New Photo In GQ Germany

Just days after GQ Germany honored Henry with the Movie International award at their Men of the Year ceremony in Berlin, we have a first look at his feature in the December issue of the magazine.

Nishat was kind enough to share a rough translation of the caption with us:

Whether the Briton will wear the Superman cape again is not certain yet. His name is always reflected in the ever-popular retro classic "Who will be the next James Bond?" -- In any case, the former "Man of Steel" fulfills two main criteria: Impeccable taste and 100% Britishness. Not least when it comes to fashion. With a typically British understatement, Henry Cavill says to GQ: "I cannot say that I have an unbelievable style of clothing." The fact that the actor with the maximum trained superhero figure does not fit well gives us a quantum of consolation: "My figure does not make it easy for me to shop. I rather stay away from the seasonal trends, I spend my money most on classic, timeless pieces - shirts, suits and jackets. "

As for the longer, curlier hairstyle... we expect to see it in more shoots to come, since Henry's character in The Witcher is just coming alive.


  1. So so handsome man. Thanks for sharing your story and keep us update on Henry n kal el

  2. Henry looks great as per usual. Love his curls and the blue colour. Thank you for sharing. Are we allowed to share this photo? Thanks.

  3. Very nice photo! Love the curls!

  4. Your photographs are so very professional and fantastic!!! You can sell anything to any woman on the face of this earth. Add in your very sexy voice and women go into meltdown mode. You're doing everything you set out to do!! And yes, you are stylish and your photos bring that out.

  5. So handsome. My favorite color on my favorite man. 😍

  6. Superman blue!!!!!!!!!! I love!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE WE SEE HENRY, BACK ON SCREEN AS SUPES. However I am looking forward, to what the future has in store for this humble, handsome & caring individual :)

  7. After his Witcher role is is an will be Bond the next 007 99.9 %he lands that role I bet the farm on it he doesπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜šπŸ˜‚


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