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Friday, December 21, 2018

Registration Now Open For The Durrell Challenge 2019

The Durrell Challenge is officially back on, and you can now register to join Henry in May!

As ambassador for Durrell, Henry has been hosting and participating in the annual event since 2016. The funds raised go to helping Durrell continue its conservation work around the world. This year's event offers a fun adventure called "Mission Possible" and many more opportunities to understand what Durrell's work is all about. Learn all the details and register at doitfordurrell.com

See everyone there!


  1. Sweet hope I can go to hanks for sharing cheers

  2. Cannot wait for this...signing up for Challenge 2019, for sure!!

  3. How appropriate that the name is "Mission Possible".

  4. Superman blue! I love that Henry continues to stay in shape. I HOPE he'll beck as the LAST SON OF KRYPTON SOON. After the success of Mission Impossible and how positive Netflix are about Witcher. WB NEEDS!!!!!!!!!!! to green light MOS2

  5. Definitely excited about this!!! My first ever!!

    1. Congratulations and good luck! Jersey is a beautiful place.


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