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Sunday, September 15, 2019

The Witcher: Vladimír Furdík Impressed By Henry's Fight Skills

Vladimír Furdík is best known for his portrayal of the Night's King in Game of Thrones. But this past year the talented stuntman was also involved in the filming of The Witcher, working closely with Henry on some of the show's stunt scenes.

At an overseas convention today,  Furdík said he was very impressed by Henry and his ability to do action scenes.

He specifically praised Henry for being a quick learner during his fight choreography.

You can see some of those fight moves in The Witcher trailer. We can tell you from watching an extended clip at Comic-Con, that Henry is definitely bringing a powerful fighting style to the role of Geralt. The show debuts on Netflix this fall.


  1. Well, we all knew he could AND would impress 😉. Now I wish that it was coming out sooner.

  2. Translation for Pierre @MAD0CT0R 11:59 AM - Sep 15, 2019 by Rebecca
    Vladimír Furdík who plays the Night's King in Game of Throne, and is a stunt doubler in The Witcher, explains that his job was minor in The Witcher but he was very impressed by Henry Cavill who perfectly combines action scenes with ease.

  3. Translation for Live - Roster Con #AMMD2 @rostercon_live 11:50 AM - Sep 15, 2019 by Rebecca
    Henry Cavill learned the choreography of the battles 1 hour before shooting and @VladimirFurdik is very impressed because it is quite rare!


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