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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Henry On The Move, Shares Updates On Instagram

Henry is traveling today and he shared some of his surroundings as well as his daily workout update.

You can keep up with him in real-time, by following his Instagram stories.

UPDATE (9/6): Henry revealed he's in Phoenix and he sent a big shoutout to the Kansas City Chiefs.


  1. Lovely Henry thanks for share!
    Tomorrow I'll go to the movies to enjoy the NIGHT HUNTER baby.

  2. I'm so nosy about what he's doing in Phoenix. :) I hope he's able to enjoy some good Mexican food while there- oh how I miss it! It has taken a turn for the chilly side here in Europe. One thing I love about the desert is the lovely sunsets: purples, oranges, and even pinks in the sky. Still waiting on Nomis/Night Hunter here in the DE. Spoil yourself with a good margarita or two Henry.

  3. Enjoy your travels be for work or play. Stay safe!!!

  4. I love that Henry travels to the US a lot. Love you Henry!

  5. Henry is pure loveliness and warmth. His excitement for the start of the new NFL season is absolutely adorable. Henry's updates always make my day.
    Go Chiefs!! Xx


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