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Sunday, September 22, 2019

BTS Pic From Justice League, Fans Get Signed Supes Photo

Cinematographer Fabian Wagner has a Sunday treat for DC fans. Today he shared several behind the scenes photos from the filming of Justice League. They include a pic with Supes!

This past week we heard from several of you after you received a Superman photo signed by Henry.

Anyone who has followed me for longer than 5 seconds knows that I am a *bit* of a Henry Cavill fan. I think he’s beautiful and talented and has the best film roles - Superman, Man from U.N.C.L.E., Mission Impossible: Fallout.... 🎞 I love his Instagram posts, and he is endless inspiration for the romantic heroes in my books. I am 37 years old and I am a proper Henry Cavill fangirl. πŸ’Œ When the brilliant @henrycavillnews posted that a few people had written to Henry via his agents and got a signed photo in return, I thought I would, too. πŸ“ I wrote him a card, added a SAE and sent it off. This was back in February, and I sort-of-though-not-entirely forgot about it. Then, today, what should turn up in the post but an envelope with my own handwriting that I very much recognised. It was a squeal-worthy moment. It has made me so, so happy! πŸ’Œ I debated whether or not to post about this. I thought people would laugh at me and roll their eyes - I am too old to be fangirling and writing letters to people I admire etc. But then I thought - fuck it. πŸ¦† Laugh if you want. It’s no different to following a football team or loving an author, and I’ve been on both sides of that one. I don’t feel ashamed about tweeting or writing to authors I love, and as a writer I would be nothing without my readers, and appreciate every single email or tweet or Instagram DM from people who’ve got in touch to say they love my books. 🌟 So here I am. Proud Henry Cavill fangirl, with a beautiful signed photo - that I have obviously framed - on the wall in my writing cave, reflecting the fairy lights. ✨ Thank you @henrycavill for signing this, your agents for sending it and @henrycavillnews for the info. I will treasure it always. πŸ’• * * * * * * #henrycavill #henrycavillfan #henrycavilllove #henrycavillsuperman #henrycavillfans #fangirl #fangirling #signedphoto #autograph #autographs #superman #supermanfans #authorinspiration #bookinspiration #writinginspiration #writerinspiration #writersinspiration #mancrushmonday #supermanhenrycavill #henrycavillsuperman #writingcave #superheroes #fairylightsphotography #fairylight #celebritycrush #dcsuperheroes #filmactor #filmactors
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So happy for you guys!

If you want to request your own photo signed by Henry, check out this post. Good luck!

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