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Saturday, October 29, 2022

The Witcher: Henry Out As Geralt After Season 3

That came out of left field.

Henry and Netflix announced today, that they're parting ways on The Witcher after S3.



We'll certainly miss Henry as Geralt but look forward to seeing him personify many more characters in the future. 

Godspeed, Henry!

Image: Netflix


  1. I am absolutely crushed devastated no Henry as a Witcher really wow truly sad

  2. NOOOO!!! Henry will always be Geralt to me. Why can't "The Witcher" be placed on hiatus until Henry "returns" from his busy schedule? Or they get better writers who are true to the books? Is that why Henry is leaving??? I usually give chances but nope, I'm dropping Netflix after Season 3 if Henry is no longer Geralt, no offense to Liam Hemsworth. Netflix should just cancel the series after Season 3. I'm still looking forward to Henry's other projects in the pipeline. Wow, what a letdown news day.

  3. Sad, but not Unexpected. Henry has done Geralt so well. Good luck Liam.

  4. WORST NEWS EVER in any TV and movie franchise. He was the only reason the Witcher worked in the first place. I can't believe it. So sad. They should make it wok somehow. More time between seasons, better writers? I don't know what was the pronlem but Netflix should make it work. I'm canceling my subscription

  5. As brilliant a writer is Lauren is, and the fact that the author of the books has advised a bit on the show, it makes more sense to me to have 😍Henry 🥰 stay on as Geralt as his current age and as make occasional appearances as Geralt as he ages.
    This would free him up to pursuit his multitude if other ventures and lower risk of injury.
    Gotta keep our 🥰Henry😍 safe, strong and out of harm's way whenever possible.

    Liam could be a possible great option as a younger Geralt if they focus on Geralt as he became a Witcher and very early on in his career.
    Henry would be perfect to give input for this and to work with Lauren to develop a younger Geralt.
    We should keep an open mind and give Liam a chance. He could pleasantly surprise all of us especially if he collaborates with Henry on the character development.
    I am choosing to keep an open mind.

    There is so much rich and endless material with The Continent. Lauren and the gifted team of writers together with the book author could continue to give us timeless and brilliant stories.
    I sincerely hope 🥰Henry😍 wants to, and is able to, stay involved somehow, someway to keep his unique brand of Cavill magic present and alive in the show.
    I am eternally 😍Henry's 🥰 ♾️ #1 cheerleader.

  6. My first reaction was a 24-hour period of confusion and devastation. This seemed to come out of nowhere; I don't know if the problem is scheduling, money, ruffled feathers or something else? It's a real shame, especially after Henry worked so hard to get the role.

    Henry's Geralt made me fall in love with the world of the Witcher, so I'll watch the show all the way to it's end. We gotta remember that shows are collaborations and there are many people who've put forth their time and effort. I seriously doubt Henry would want his fans to boycott this or that because we are disappointed. I think Liam Hemsworth is capable of being a fine Geralt, but as Henry said "nobody can be the next Tom Cruise." Nobody can be the next Henry Cavill, either.

    Does anyone else think the timing of this announcement was weird? To announce such a major change for Season 4 when Season 3 is still several months away seems odd to me. Won't the press for Season 3 now be all about Henry leaving and not Season 3 itself? Part of me is still expecting someone to come out and say this was just an elaborate hoax.

  7. NOOOO Henry IS Geralt. No no no. If the show was good perhaps a recast could make sense but S2 was CW level bad. The only good thing was Geralt and the only reason I would still watch was him and the hope that they could course correct. I'm done now.

  8. I guess you must respect the request of the departed. Many factors has led to the decisions of this change. Henry evolved and certainly earned to take back what belongs to him: his own freewill. Call it what you want, he made a choice aligned with the path where he Needs to step. Well done Geralt!

    As for the S4? Where could you be better? We are all spoilt by endless dramas and neverending loops of series. They are not remembered. True performance, what stands out from the crowd IS THOUGH. He wishes to make a difference somewhere else. End of discussion.


  9. Keeping crying this!!! But keeping praying for you should be back that after your new Superman’s done! 🙏😢🙏😢

  10. Finished catching up on Josh Horowitzs excellent interview with Henry on Friday, big news of MoS2, EH2, Argyll, ..mentions of Witcher, excited talk of fight sequence coordination...

    then Sunday wham! next news is he's handing Geralt over to a Hemsworth.
    Waaaa...???? secrets indeed..
    Netflix has rocks in its head to let it get to this.. listen to the fans, respect the sources..
    there had to be a way for us to get both MoS2 and proper Witcher

    When I reread the books, the image I have of Geralt will always be Henry's version...

    1. 15Dec..And now we have no MoS2 either.. gonna watch Man from UNCLE just to cheer up. The sequence with the boat and the truck is brilliant ..

  11. Netflix is stupid for letting him go bc they can't honor the source material and they'll pay it. S2 was bad. Geralt and Ciri's relationship was the only thing true to the books. I'm not gonna watch any further. I hope the fan reaction is so strong that Netflix cancels the show and in a few years Henry will get the chance to reprise his much beloved character with scripts that honor and enrich sspkpwski's fantastic character and world. I'm heartbroken bc he is Geralt, he is my most beloved of his characters.

  12. I'm glad that we still have Season 3 to look forward to! I will enjoy Henry's final hurrah as Geralt, because I'm sure he put no less work into it even though he knew he was leaving. It will be a bittersweet conclusion to Cavill-Geralt's arc.

    I'll give Hemsworth-Geralt a chance as well, I feel bad that everyone is pre-judging Liam. None of this is his fault, and maybe he will surprise us. Cancelling the show would hurt so many other people. I want them to be able to finish telling the story.

  13. He was a fantastic Geralt, he embodied the character perfectly and he was the glue that held the show together, I can't imagine it without him. For me s3 will be the last. (I also love Anya and Freya and I hope he'll work with them again).

    1. Same! I can not imagine anyone else as Geralt in the show and the show will be empty without him. He is Geralt. I hope at least s3 will give us all the Geralt/Yennefer and family scenes they cut so far and that's it for me. But I'd love to see Henry working with Anya again, they have a fantastic chemistry.

  14. His passion for the series, his love for the source material and his care for the fans were the only things that made the show a success in the first place (that and the fact that it was based on a beloved property by millions). Without his care and his input we'd get an even more generic hero with no attach to sapkowski's Geralt. S2 would give us a triss / Geralt romance without having first established the Geralt / yennefer romance as the true love story like in the books, jokes about Roache's death, less scenes between Geralt and Ciri and idk what else Lauren had in mind on top of eskel's mistreatment, vesemir wanting to create more witches, yennefer betraying Ciri, the elves illogical sl, and voleth meir who was responsible for the nilfgaard/elves alliance (what?). Not to mention what they did to tissaia (again what?), cahir was ruined in s1, ciri's possession (what did this added to the characters?) . They took some brilliant character driven and thought provoking sl from the books and turned them into a superficial mess. S3 is the last season for me. I won't support a show whose showrunner never cared or understood the source material, the characters or respected the fans. Henry put his heart and soul into this and it was shown in his performance despite the bad script in S2. The show lost when they lost him and it will become obvious how much.


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