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Thursday, February 15, 2018

New Superman Poster, First Look At SteelBook Art

Warner Bros. has saved the best for last!

After releasing new character posters ahead of the Justice League digital release, today the studio shared this new Superman poster and it's just perfect. From the Kansas to Metropolis background, to the personalized Justice League logo. Just right.

The big reveal comes just hours after Manta Lab shared a first look at their exclusive steelbook art made from a previously released poster... but with Superman included.

And check this out. WonderCon is coming up next month, and guess who is on the cover of their program book?

Stay tuned for the latest updates, as Supes gets ready to celebrate his 80th birthday in April.


  1. Per usual, when there is a group picture of the Justice League, Batman is front and center.

  2. Do you know if Henry will attend at this event WonderCon?

    1. Nothing has been announced and they are still filming Mission: Impossible Fallout. But we'll be there to bring you updates!

  3. Why has batman been put infront of most promo. If I recall its Superman and Wonder Woman usually up front or near each other.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. It's very nice! Love it. D.

  6. Damn, that steelbook art is amazing! Better than the movie. That would have been an amazing MOS poster. I would frame that.


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