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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

First 'M:I Fallout' Featurette Shows Action In The Air

This is the stunt sequence Henry referred to, when he mentioned thinking he was going to die during the filming of Mission: Impossible Fallout in New Zealand... and you can see why!

The film's first featurette was released today, and we can't wait to see more of the work that went into creating that death-defying scene.

This week we also got a glimpse of Vanessa Kirby's mysterious character. Much more to come.

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  1. What! Tom is actually flying stunts in the chopper? They are insane! Movie is gonna be amazing. Guy is immortal or something.

  2. What no Henry in this feature??? Not much of a feature without Supes!!

  3. Vanessa Kirby is in this film? I love her in the Nexflix TV series The Crown where she plays Princess Margaret!

  4. Wow!!!! This is extremely dangerous. Congratulations to all! Excellent job!!

  5. Okay, I have often said "Well, yeah, I'd do that for a few million dollars!"... This? Not so much!! Quite impressed. Looking forward to seeing why Henry's character is so irked with Cruise's that he's willing to shoot backwards out of a hauling @$$ helicopter. I don't even like to take my eyes off the flight attendants during heavy turbulence. "Hmm...they're still handing out drinks. I guess we're still good.."


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