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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

New 'Mission: Impossible Fallout' Pic, Trailer Tomorrow!

Do NOT mess with Walker.

Empire Magazine has released a new pic of Henry as the tough CIA agent, with just hours to go until the second trailer is released!

The magazine also shared a preview of their exclusive interview with Henry:

“When we decided to go for the moustache, I certainly wasn’t expecting all the events to unfold as they were going to unfold,” Cavill told Empire, admitting: “I wasn’t expecting Justice League reshoots to be as extensive as they were.” He added: “As you will see when [Mission] comes out, to have a fake moustache on would not have been a possibility.” 

Once the Mission shoot was complete, Cavill was able to shave it off — a choice which he mournfully documented in an Instagram video. “I absolutely do miss it,”he says of his former facial fuzz. “I’d grown quite fond of it over time, but I’m also very happy to have my own face back.”


Empire's 'Summer Movie Blowout' issue goes on sale Thursday. We'll post the complete interview when it's in, and stay tuned for that new trailer!

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