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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Henry's New 'M:I Fallout' Interview With Empire Magazine

Empire Magazine gave us a preview of this Mission: Impossible Fallout interview a few days ago, along with a fab new still of Walker in action. Now thanks to @SergioEES you can read the whole thing. The Summer Movie Blowout issue is now on sale.

Henry talks about the controversy over his moustache during the Justice League reshoots, how the look came about, working with Tom Cruise, and the iconic characters he'd like to play.



  1. “It’s more about the enjoyment of showing everyone there’s more to me than just the Superman performance.”

    I, for one, am relieved to know that people are starting to see that! Worried constantly that he’d be typecast or -- worse -- sold short because of Supie or because people think that he’s so pretty or something. Glad to see awareness raised of the fact that he is, technically and in range, the best actor of his generation.

  2. Enjoyed this interview! Henry is certainly enjoying himself playing CIA agent August Walker. Loved how he says he would like to play James Bond in the future. I know I would love to see him playing this iconic character! Henry you have sooo many complex characters to play in your future acting career. 👍😘🤗🎭🎭🎭🎭🎭🎭

  3. Very good interview. *smiles* Henry wished to make a statement, and he did it by playing August Walker. D

  4. He's smart, taking other roles in indies and other well established franchises. A role like Superman can certainly pigeon hole you because it's so iconic and titular. He is in his prime and in demand, and this is exactly what he should be doing. I for one can't wait to see him in other roles while waiting for MOS2.

    1. So maybe it has been good for him that he wasn't the main character when he appeared in Batman v Superman and Justice League?!


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