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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

'Nomis' Gets The Thumbs Up From Test Audience In London

A group of very lucky people had the chance to watch a test screening of Nomis in London this week, and judging by their reactions we're in for a thrilling ride!

The film follows a police force trying to track down a dangerous cyber criminal.

Earlier this month director David Raymond shared his excitement about finishing Nomis. Now we wait for a release date. Congratulations to the cast and crew.

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  1. Of course the audience loved the film, and, of course Henry nailed it =) =). This we already knew =). I can't wait to see Nomis...I know it's going to be brilliant. Congratulations to Henry and David!!

  2. Can't wait for the release date...

  3. Sweet can't wait to watch it thanks

  4. Wow. Great reviews! *big smiles* D.


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