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Monday, January 14, 2019

'M:I Fallout' Wins Best Action Movie At Critics' Choice Awards

Image: Chris McQuarrie

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Mission: Impossible Fallout. Last night the film was named Best Action Movie  at the Critics' Choice Awards

Director Chris McQuarrie took to Twitter to gives thanks for the award immediately after it was announced. 

Today we heard from Henry... and his killer moustache.

Henry's manager also shared in the celebration, promising big things to come!

Go Team Cavill!

UPDATE: The next two missions have been confirmed.

Director Chris McQuarrie will be back.

If anyone can think up a twist to bring Walker back from the dead, it's definitely McQuarrie!


  1. So very, very proud of Henry!! Congratulations H, Chris, Tom, Kingstache, and the entire cast and crew of Fallout! Cannot wait for the next big things Xx A

  2. Congratulations to Henry and the entire cast and crew of MI6 Fallout!! My family and I LOVED it! By the way, McQuarrie/Cruise, the REAL August Walker was kidnapped and held prisoner before Hunt and imposter Walker dropped into Paris, etc. Hence, Cavill can return as Walker. Right?! Yes! Please?!!


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