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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Snow Day Threatening Leg Day? The Witcher Finds A Way

Just look at those guns... someone has been working out!

It looks like The Witcher is also putting his Supes powers to good use, by keeping him warm in what must be very cold weather.

We're still waiting on a premiere date for the Netflix show, and Henry posting these updates is making fans more and more excited!


  1. Snow's out, guns out =D. Does lifting fries to my mouth count as bicep curls? #KingHenry xx

  2. Where's Kal? Not daft enough to be outside in the freezing cold, that's where!

  3. Semebody needs a jacket before he freezes asap...and it's Henry

  4. Lives in a castle on the hill, wakes up in the sky. You can't tell Henry he ain't fly.

  5. Have a load of fun Henry just because careful

  6. You Henry William take my breath awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!


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