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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Final Countdown: The Durrell Challenge Is Almost Here!

Let the final countdown begin!

On Sunday hundreds of runners will join Henry for The Durrell Challenge on the island of Jersey and you still have time to sign up or donate to help the event reach its fundraising goal. The charity saves endangered animals all over the world and any amount helps.

Durrell Wildlife has also organized the Go Wild Gorillas project, that involves life-size gorilla sculptures that will lead people on a trail of discovery around the island. Comic book artist Kenneth Rocafort is among those working on the gorillas. He's drawn Superman many times for DC and we can't wait to see what his gorilla looks like!

Rocafort has been sharing his progress on his Instagram and Twitter accounts -- where you can follow his latest updates from Jersey.

We're headed to Jersey as well, ready to bring you updates on The Durrell Challenge, the Go Wild Gorillas campaign, and much more... so stay tuned!

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