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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Superman And Aquaman Reunite In Budapest

The reunion you guys have been asking for is here!

Jason Momoa has posted this fun clip of him hanging out with Henry in Budapest...

The two started setting it up yesterday, after Jason commented on Henry's latest post. Next thing you know, Superman and Aquaman are back together again.

Henry just got back to Hungary to continue filming The Witcher, while Jason is there shooting Dune. Thanks for the video you guys!


  1. Awesome and fun Heroes!

  2. I like these two.

  3. My mom loves Jason and I love Henry. A movie with these two please.

  4. Jason has a super cool personality. He is so transparent and upbeat. I'm glad they are having fun together.

  5. They are so, SO CUTE! ❤️ Jason looks better with short hair and no beard.


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