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Sunday, May 12, 2019

The Durrell Challenge Wrap: All Videos, Fan Pics, Interviews

Another very successful Durrell Challenge in the books!

Hundreds of participants joined Henry for the fourth annual 13K in support of Durrell Wildlife.  

This year Henry started The Durrell Challenge with his family and The Witcher's showrunner, Lauren S. Hissrich after doing his first interviews for the day.

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Just like last year, Henry posted updates on his Instagram *while he ran* -- Quite impressive if you ask us.

About an hour an a half after he started, he was at the finish line!

A little later, fans got a chance to take a photo with Henry...

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An amazing day i will never forget 💕 So so grateful that i had the chance, not only to visit Jersey Zoo again, but to also meet the very lovely @henrycavill Such a wonderful ambassador for Durrell, helping a truly great cause. Thank you so much to @durrell_jerseyzoo and @jerseyevents for this wonderful opportunity 💕 Well done to all the runners who took part in the Durrell Challenge too, its was lovely to watch and cheer you all on👍 #durrellwildlifepark #durrell #durrellchallenge #doitfordurrell #greatcause #charity #durrellwildlifeconservationtrust #conservation #Jerseyzoo #henrycavill #reallywildday #superman #wildlife #nature #zoo #cavillconservation #nature #wildlife #animals #photography #jerseyevents #opportunity #jersey #channelislands #ambassador #geralddurrell #grateful #lucky

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Congratulations to everyone who participated in The Durrell Challenge -- Here is the official press release and photos. We had the chance to chat with Henry about his work with Durrell and he answered some of your fan questions. Look for that interview soon, plus we have a giveaway in the works!

You can find many more pics at the links below.


  1. Congratulations to Henry and all the runners!!!!!

    Josée, a Quebecer fan

  2. Congrats Henry!

  3. Looks like a fun day had by all. Congratulations to Henry for another stellar effort in raising awareness for the great work done by Durrell. He really is a sweetheart.


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