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Friday, May 10, 2019

The Durrell Challenge Preview, Henry Backs 'Go Wild Gorillas'

The Durrell Challenge weekend is here!

There is so much to look forward to on Sunday. Here's a preview that Durrell put together.

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Fans at Jersey Zoo on Sunday, also get a chance for a photo op with Henry in exchange for a donation to Durrell.

This year, The Durrell Challenge is happening at the same time as the Go Wild Gorillas initiative takes shape.
The project involves artists designing life-size gorilla sculptures that will take people on a trail around Jersey this summer, to celebrate Durrell's 60th Anniversary. The public art event will raise money for a new gorilla house at Jersey Zoo.

Kenneth Rocafort (mitografia_kr) is among the artists currently working on a gorilla, and here is a sneak peek for you!

So how is this all connected to Henry? -- Durrell's Dr. Leslie Dickie has the answer!

We have much more to share with you about Go Wild Gorillas, including our interview with Kenneth Rocafort -- who is very excited to be part of this initiative. More details to come!

Also, make sure you are following us on our social media for the most current updates on The Durrell Challenge coming up on Sunday.

If you'd like to help Durrell and Henry save endangered animals -- here is the official fundraising page for the 2019 Durrell Challenge. Remember, any amount makes a huge difference!

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