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Friday, November 11, 2016

Henry's Message On 'Remembrance Day'

Today the UK remembers servicemen and women killed in conflict (Veterans Day in the U.S.).

This is Henry's message as he honors them.

Henry comes from a military family, and has been an ambassador for The Royal Marines Charity since 2014.    


  1. Thanks for the reupload of the photo. I couldn't read it on HC's insta cos' of the blur.

  2. I'm currently in London and was wondering about the red flowers everywhere pinned on the peoples chests. Good to know.

  3. Thanks for the info and sharing

  4. Today Robert Vaughn, Napolian Solo of the original Man from Uncle also passed away, after a long illness. RIP

  5. Hi! Yes, we mentioned it on twitter. Really sad.

  6. Jean Danielle PinderNovember 18, 2016 at 8:33 PM

    Hello Again. I Wish to Express On This DAY Of REMEMBRANCE. To the Friend's, Family's and LOVED ONE'S of All the SERVICEMEN AND SERVICEWOMEN Killed In Conflict. My Deep Respect, Eternal Thanks and Infinite Sorrow for their LOSS. They will never be forgotten.


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