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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Amy Adams Talks Man of Steel 2, Justice League Villain Revealed

Image: Warner Bros

Will Lois Lane be part of Man of Steel 2

It remains to be seen, but in a new interview Amy Adams mentioned how she found out about the film that is now in development (thanks to @caraliscity for the heads up). Watch Amy's comments at about 3:45.

"I read about Man of Steel 2 when you guys did" 

During that same junket, Amy talked about the scenes that got cut from the theatrical version of Batman v Superman, and shared whether she's seen the extended version.

Image: Warner Bros

You also want to catch Kevin's interview with Ezra Miller.. he geeks out about being The Flash (at about 5:50), and shares a little preview of what you can expect to see in Justice League. UPDATE: More from Ezra below.

This week we finally found out who will be playing the villain in the film. Check out the details..

Jason Momoa also had some cool stuff to share about getting cast as Aquaman..

And Ray Fisher is showing off his cool Justice League wrap gift from the studio. Nice look Cyborg.

But perhaps the biggest news of all, is that Wonder Woman has a baby on the way. Gal Gadot announced the news today. Congratulations!

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  1. (1) I hope Lois is back for MOS2 that would be great to see
    (2) Congrats Wonder Woman :)
    Thanks for sharing HNC

  2. Congrates gal on your baby thanks for sharing

  3. Great news all around. MOS2 especially. Henry's remaining tight-lipped about that. I would too!

  4. Nice post! So many goodies in it
    I have zero doubt Lois will be in MOS2. Cannot wait. Yippee!

  5. Wow firstly! congratulations to Gal and her husband on their pregnancy <3. Super excited for MOS2! read that it's likely that at the end of JL general Swanwick is to reveal himself as Martian Manhunter and tells Clark of a new threat heading to earth Brainiac!. (Rumour btw so don't quote me on that). Ciaran Hinds as Steppenwolf niceeeeeeeeee choice. Ray looking cute! in his letterman can't wait to see him in JL :) As for Jason I adore him!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's sure a humble and a sweet guy. I love his smile and he's going to kill it as Aquaman. #2017PleaseHurryLol Nicole

  6. Omg! How could I miss this post!!!!

    Well, here it goes, a belated congrats to the WONDERful Gal and her husband on their second!

    I love that interviewer, Kevin, because he is so genuine with his questions and you can tell that he's a true fan. Any celebrity that sits infront of him is lucky, and during interviews you can tell that they're both engaging so well like as if they're conversating/conversing, which is rare.

    (I didn't know if I should put converse or conversate because people say different about both words, so I added both.)

    And to marvel people who keep comparing DC with Marvel-- there is no point. Mainly because DC is different and personally, I like DC better even though I'm a huge Spidey fan. Blame my childhood for introducing Spiderman before Superman. In the end Superman will forever conquer all heroes. Can't beat that. Henry Cavill chose a major character to play and a great one at that! Best Superman by far. I know there's a tv superman but let's be honest, does he really beat Henry's? Like really?.

    I can't wait for JL!!!!!!!! I also want Amy to continue with the DC Universe until Zack's Superman ends. Zack does his own magic and a massive one at that. I sure appreciate all the work he put into his DC movies. I wonder what Man Of Steel 2 will have for us, but mostly in anticipation for JL, I need to know how the heck they'll bring back Superman AND what the hell was up with Henry's black suit instagram post! I NEED TO KNOW MAN!

    Anyway, congrats to everyone for landing a role on DCU (films)! Couldn't have chosen anyone better myself. Awesome cast! I can't wait to see what they thrill us with soon!


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