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Monday, November 14, 2016

Badass Beard, Charming Moments, Gambling On Superman

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Superman may be out of sight for now, but definitely not out of the minds of his fans!

Monday kicked off with several Henry mentions, including "Beard of the Week." AndPop then highlighted some of the reasons fans can't get enough of him, give the cute article a read in the link below.

This next post has us planning our next Vegas trip..

GeeksDownUnder: "I don't gamble often (nor do I encourage it) but I'd place my bets on Superman any day."

And the rumor is we're getting a Justice League trailer before the end of the year, and Jason Inman almost spilled the beans! #hype

So while we wait for that trailer to drop, how about some holiday shopping?.. LOVE the Metropolis background!

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Have a great week everyone.


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