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Superman 75th Anniversary Party At Comic-Con: Pics & Videos

Party wrap

Talking to the press


Boy does Henry Cavill know how to bluff! - check out his chat on a Superman/Batman team-up. Or maybe he just didn't know.. the night. before. the announcement. ;)

MTV also asked and got nowhere. Henry playing coy & we love it!

Watch at their site // below // or on YouTube

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Here Henry talks about his loss of privacy since Man of Steel came out, and how he's handling it. Watch at the source or YouTube below.

Henry talks World of Warcraft, favorite villains and more. 

Henry talks about what costume he'd wear if he were to walk the exhibit floor at Comic-Con.

Can Superman and Lois be equals? Henry says kind of..

CLICK TO WATCH his interview with

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James Wade shared his FB album with us. There are a few more great pics. Check them out.

Henry later hit up the Assassin's Creed IV party on a docked ship.

The girls over at Defective Geeks ran into Henry at the party. Click at about 50:30 on their podcast for a lesson on what NOT to do, if you run into him and feel cheeky. Unless you want to be shut down (57:15) lol..

UPDATE: The girls have shared a cute new pic of Henry from that night, although we're not sure if it was before or after he pointed his two fingers at them and said... you HAVE TO listen to their podcast (57:15).
It's definitely a Comic-Con story to remember!

And don't miss our exclusive coverage from the party, including our chat with Henry

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  1. Not happy about the Superman/Batman movie if true. It's too soon. There's too much Superman stuff to tell. Didn't Henry even say during promo that there should be another MOS movie first? UGH! Not Happy! I wonder how Henry really feels about it.

    1. I think they said they will pick up Superman story in another superman movie and Superman/Batman movie will be a different movie!

    2. Totally agree Pauly. I am so disappointed about a Superman/Batman movie this early on. Do MOS 2 and 3 and then move on :(

  2. I have a lot of mixed feelings about it as well Pauly. I feel they need another MOS with just Superman because his character needs more development, we did see early Superman, and I want the story to be explored with his reactions to what happened in MOS as well as I want to see much more of Clark as well as explore the relationship with Lois. It seems too soon to me as well although I have no idea what they are going to do. I have read where they are still calling it a MOS2, a sequel, so I hope Supes remains the prevalent character. We've just had so much Batman in the last decade and I think Henry deserves the chance to be the main character in another film, especially after all his hard work so I kind of feel a bit bad for him. I fear WB is trying to jump too quick and maybe compete with what Marvel has done. I don't know, Im not completely happy about it. I think it could be awesome. Not really sure I want David Goyer either to be the main scriptwriter again. I think he kind of lacks in that department, just my opinion. Anyway, I figure Henry knew all about it already and maybe that was the plan all along and he is ok with it. You know Zack had this vision at some point earlier probalby. I just hope they invest more in the Superman story and have more faith in the Superman franchise than it appears they do. We have no idea what they are planning. I have read where they will be starting where MOS left off and addressing the killing of Zod and all the destruction (many fans had a lot of issues with that)so I am glad they are planning on doing that. I just kind of wish they'd do another Superman by himself first. I mena what's the hurry? Now they will have to search for a new Batman, again. Anyway, yes I would like to know Henry's true feelings but knowing what we know of him Im sure he is being very gracious and just thankful he gets to play him again. OK did not mean to write a whole chapter. Sorry everyone.

    1. I liked your chapter. I think you hit the nail on the head for me with regard to having faith in Superman. Some of the talking heads were saying as soon as it was announced that this shows that WB doesn't have the faith in another MOS movie. That's very disheartening to me. I was hoping for at least a trilogy for Superman before they started bringing the others in. And I want more Lois & Clark time!

      Well, we'll all just have to see what happens and hope for the best.

    2. Ahh thanks Pauly! Well there is sure a lot of talk about it...which isn't a bad thing I suppose. Many people are excited and many are unhappy. Im in between. On one hand I think it "could" be really cool..if done right. On the other hand, I just think the MOS story needs to be expanded on (and I know they are addressing some things for sure and calling this a sequel)and Superman explored more and it makes me feel as if not only do they not have faith in the franchise of Superman, but, it seems unfair to Henry abd his role as Superman. But I have this suspicion that this was the plan all along and perhaps he knew about it and was perfectly ok with it. I just don't need more Batman right now. Had enough Batman. But, I will go see it..nothing could keep me away. I just hope it goes well and wish them much success and I look forward to seeing what they will do. I just think it says something as far as WB is concerned and what it says to me isn't necessarily good. Besides most all the reboots don't do as well as their sequels. In fact, I thought MOS was the highest grossing reboot so not sure why the problem for WB. I'm optimistic, but, nervous about it too. And I am probably among the minority but I don't really want Christian Bale to do it anyway so kind of glad he says he isn't...unless he changes his mind and I think it would cost them too much in production to get him if he did decide to stay. I like Christian Bale, don't get me wrong,but, I hated the voice he used as Batman and I just think since this is part of a reboot, they need to get someone new, which, it looks like they have to. We'll see Pauly. Only time will tell.

  3. Henry knew the night before. He is good at lying, he is an actor but he has had me fooled over many things. If Henry says something, the opposite is probably true.

    1. I imagine he was specifically told to be coy if asked and I understand that. He can't give away the surprise. It was just a white lie if he did know. No big deal..I would never expect him to tell them what they asked the night before the big reveal.

    2. You know, it's his job, he has no choice...
      I won't call that "lying".
      Anyway, when did he lie?

  4. I just pray to god that he finds footing in other movies than superman........


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