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Friday, March 23, 2018

BTS: The Making Of The Moustache Remembrance Video

It's the moustache remembrance video that (in appropriate fashion) took the world by storm, and now here's a look behind the scenes!

It comes courtesy of Britt Johnson, of The Garcia Companies, which helped Henry with the project and kept fans updated throughout the process.

World takeover complete. Maybe one day #Kingstache returns... but for now long live clean-shaven Henry!

P.S. We're pretty sure that's not the only reason they flew to Milan, so hopefully more pics to come from the shoot.


  1. I truly enjoyed Henry’s moustache farewell video. It was funny, and sweet at the same time. It captured a side of Henry that we don’t get to see often. Keep us posted on what Henry is doing in Milan. Love you Henry. 👌😘😍🤗❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. I loved the video too. Henry's sense of humor is great! Hopefully we get some news on a Man of Steel sequel or maybe a Justice League 2?? I honestly don't care, as long as I can watch Henry I am a happy gal!

    1. Btw, if you enlarge this photo as I did on my tablet, you can see a photo on the board behind Henry that looks like him as Napoleon Solo!

  3. Wow thanks for sharing your joy with me

  4. Yes, it's an excellent video. More pics; Milan; it's exciting news! D.


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