Thursday, April 26, 2018

Mission: Impossible Fallout At CinemaCon: Interviews

If you haven't caught up with our coverage from CinemaCon, you're missing some *really* epic/funny/sweet moments from Las Vegas. We tried to fit everything in THIS POST, but the memorable stuff keeps coming. In this interview with the Associated Press, Henry talks about the stunts he did for Mission: Impossible Fallout and more.

Keep checking back, we'll be posting all of Henry's interviews from CinemaCon as we get them.

Fandango (you can find their other clips in our wrap): Henry talks about what went through his mind as he did a dangerous helicopter stunt with Tom Cruise in New Zealand.

Collider:  Henry says what he can, about the negotiations going on behind the scenes to make a Man of Steel sequel. In the second clip he talks upping his game in the stunts field and Kal's rising fame.

Access Hollywood: Henry talks about working closely with Tom Cruise on the stunts for the film, and the farewell video to his moustache!

At the very end of this interview Tom mentions how fun it was to do the fight scene with Henry.

PopCulture: Henry describes the nature of his character in M:I Fallout, talks Man of Steel 2.

 Yahoo: This interview is ALL about the moustache...

E! Online: Henry talks about preparing for the stunts in M:I Fallout.

In this interview Tom talks about the experience of working with Henry. 

CinePOP: More about why Henry really couldn't shave his moustache.












  1. Fantástico mi Henry bello. Me da gusto verte disfrutando de este glamuroso evento. Me encantaria ser millonaria para poder seguirte a todos lados pero desafortunadamente todavia no lo soy.I love you.
    Amigos de HCN este evento fue abierto al publico o fue un evento exclusivo privado?

    1. Translation for Blanca April 26, 2018 at 9:05 AM by Rebecca
      Fantastic my handsome Henry. I'm glad to see you enjoying this glamorous event. I would love to be a millionaire to be able to follow you everywhere but unfortunately I am not. I love you.
      Friends of HCN was this event open to the public or was it an exclusive private event?


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