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Monday, October 1, 2018

Henry's New Journey And Why He Wants You To Follow Along

October is here, and Henry kicked it off with an invitation to fans to join him on a very special journey...

Godspeed always, Henry. 


  1. You truly are an absolutely incredible, wonderful person, Henry. As always, I am with you...I would follow you to the end of the universe xx

  2. Such a beautiful person. I commented on his Instagram I love how inspirational he is and how warm of a person he has truly become. As a fan I wish his all the best in his journey! This is why he will forever be my SUPERMAN. Nicole :)

  3. Best wishes on your journey and I hope you find everything that you are hoping and wishing for. You deserve it.

  4. My goodness!:D You've the most beautiful eyes in the world! D'ya know?! *smiles* All of these great virtues have always been present in your life my dear :) *kisses* So; we're all with you forever, Henry :D

  5. A spiritual journey? I love the way Henry is evolving. Good for him! Very attractive!

  6. Life is about living authentically. Time is the most precious thing we have because we can't buy or earn more. Once spent, we can never get it back.

  7. Those hashtags he used point to a DNA tattoo company he's likely struck a co-marketing partnership with. Expect him to get a tattoo with Kal's DNA on it, and invite his fans to do similar with DNA from their loved ones.

  8. Yo te seguire, cada dia de mi vida.
    Amo todo lo que haces.
    Cuidate y disfruta!!!!

  9. Translation for Blanca:
    I will follow you, every day of my life.
    I love everything you do.
    Take care and enjoy

  10. Oh Henry. Your wonderfully positive attitude to life inspires me. Thank you for inviting us to join your journey. You show me that there are so many possibilities out there to achieve if I had an ounce of your courage. Excited to follow your journey. ❤

  11. Really curious as to what he has discovered

  12. Looking at the #s posted on the message it looks like it's something to do with Everence. Everence is a new technology that allows you to add DNA, hair or cremains from a loved one into a new or existing tattoo.
    The company shared Henry's video on instagram with this message:-
    everence.life So, this just happened yesterday. The Witcher, Geralt of Rivia, aka @henrycavill, will soon be taking fans on an #Everence journey. We can’t wait to find out more!
    #Repost @henrycavill

    I've copied the link to the post below.

    1. thank you for posting what that # meant, I was trying to look for it everywhere! I hope his journey is a successful one and that it is blessed!

    2. No need to thank me, it's my pleasure.
      Rebecca xxx

  13. I think Everence or more precisely people behind it have some connection with military and military is also a big part of Henry's family as he says. Maybe this is a new film making partnership between Promethean Productions Ltd. and Everence? However, I can't help it, but two songs come to my mind for this video: Bocelli's "Con te partiro" live version and his "Prayer" italian verson. Add1 These are facts, but I must say: Henry, you have such a nice voice and beautiful, pure eyes. Best wishes and God bless for this project! DR


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