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Monday, October 22, 2018

Budapest Restaurant Shares Pic With Henry

"Superman also visited our restaurant"

For the second time in a month, a Budapest restaurant is happy to share that Henry dined with them... that must be some food!

Today Peter shared pics of his awesome moment with Henry, who left him a personalized note revealing his *2nd* favorite wine (which you guys already looked up -- thanks Stephanie). 

The restaurant owner also got an autograph from Superman himself. 

Henry is settling into Budapest, where he'll be living while he shoots The Witcher through next spring. The show is scheduled to begin filming soon, so keep checking back for the latest production updates! 


  1. Just per curiosity Henry,
    which is your first favorite wine?
    I'll get one bottle of the Vigneto Campe to try it too.
    Thanks for share Mr. Peter.

  2. Looking so beautiful and healthy, as always. I think Budapest really agrees with you. Enjoy every minute, Henry xx

  3. Lucky people! :) Hm, which is the number one?

    My contribution to peace-love-honor story:
    Love is responsibility for other person.
    There is no peace without God.
    Have a nice day!

  4. When is Nomis coming out?

  5. Like holy poop Batman, why do wine sommeliers (or whoever wrote the description in the link) get so pithy in their descriptions like they are writing THE dissertation that will decide their fate...?! Dude- just tell me if it is sweet, not sweet, dry, semi-dry and so on. (And what does 'oaky after taste mean' anyways? I don't have a habit of licking trees or eating acorns, so Imma need something more food-related as a description if you're going to be that long in the tooth. I don't need War and Peace, just the cliff notes. I'll be done drinking the bottle before I reach the third paragraph!!! ;) As a side note- I wonder what his first favorite is...Mine is Reisling (pretty much any sweet one). I'm just...that..simple.

  6. Holy Kitten caboodles, that was funny!


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