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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Henry Attends 'GoT' Star's Birthday Party In London

As production on The Witcher moves to the Canary Islands, Henry is back in London. Last night he attended the birthday party for Game of Thrones star Nathalie Emmanuel at a swanky restaurant.

You can read more on the Daily Mail.

More pics and details as/if they come in!

UPDATE: A few more MQ shots via WENN/Newscom (Thanks for the link Marci).


  1. The daily mail pictures are awful. The people look intoxicated and worse for wear

  2. Henry needs a bit of down time he been working hard, people have been slamming him with regards to the girl let him be we are nit his keepers... Our option does not matter... You can see from one of the photos she is leaving with him, you can just see her shoes .. Fir me if it is a new girlfriend he shoukd be anlityke more respectful to her...good luck.

  3. He looks so happy,who cares what anyone thinks, I love ur his style x

  4. Nice to see Henry is taking a night out for a little fun.

  5. Everyone has the right to be happy and respected - also Mr. Henry Cavill. Leave him alone and enjoy.


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