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Friday, December 6, 2019

Henry Meets With Fans In Buenos Aires

A group of fans have been waiting for Henry outside the Buenos Aires hotel where he's staying and today he came out to say hi!

Thanks for sharing your photos and videos everyone!

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We were outside the hotel waiting, when we were told someone was coming down, and we didn't imagine it was him. I remember I was waiting, and because I saw that no one was coming down, I went to buy something, and as I waited, I see that there was a fuss outside the hotel. So I gave up what I was doing and ran out, that when I arrived, I asked my friends who I was and they told me it was Henry. A girl, who was waiting for Kiernan and Gavin, gave me her place to ask him for a photo. I asked Henry for a photo and he said that he would be there in a sec, i was dying inside😭😭. Then my turn was finally came so i gave him my phone. He told me he couldn't put the frontal camera and he took a photo of his bodyguard. I had to explain him how to put the frontal camera because he almost starts to film what was happening 😂😂😂 The truth is that he is the most beautiful and humble person of the world. He took photos with almost everyone there. I hope he comes back to Argentina because we miss him so much @henrycavill
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This is where Cari met him!

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Bueno ahora que arranqué the witcher tengo excusa para subir la otra foto que tenía con Henry y no la había subido acá en Ig(? Vean la secuencia de fotos después cuando me firma el póster que le llevé de the witcher, vaya a saber porque le re gustó pero juro se quedó mirandolo como 10 segundos re fascinado jakajs Y antes que me digan algo, la que está ahí es mi hermana, y no, no la estaba pasando mal, ni estaba sufriendo, ni la estaba matando, o si (?) Que agradable sujeto @henrycavill 🙌🏻 conocerlo en persona fue de lo mejor que me pasó en el año #henrycavill #superman #dc #dccomics #comiccon #comicconarg #thewitcher #elmagias #geraltderivia #clarkkent #kalel #quehombre

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  1. Nice fan pictures, always nice to his fans, looking good, nice cap!!!!!

  2. What a beautiful man. He really cares about his fans 🥰

  3. This is how someone promotes a Movie or The Netflix Witcher. Face to face patiently after traveling hours from place to place. Then Doing it all over again. He is beloved by the fans. Because of that? The Witcher will do very well. Any project he does!! will do well. Henry Cavill is a very talented valuable commodity to the industry. The world loves Henry Cavill. He is a wonderful human being. And he loves his fans. That is so very lovely. That is what makes Henry so very special.💝💝💝


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