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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Henry Leaves Manila After 'The Witcher' Fan Event

A smiling Henry looked over, as Rhub took these pics at the Manila Airport this weekend. Henry and Lauren S. Hissrich were on their way back to London to continue promoting The Witcher. On Friday a fan caught a glimpse of them, as they stopped for a meal at a local restaurant.

An airport worker also shared this video of Henry arriving for the Manila fan event earlier this week. You can find all pics, clips and interviews from The Philippines in our wrap


  1. Funny… Seeing him leaving is pinching my heart. May God always protect him in all his journeys. How I adore him…

  2. For folks in the US about to watch America's favorite past time, did you just see, as I did, Henry introduce the NFL Fox Network afternoon football games? What a nice and delicious treat. One of the announcers mentioned the much anticipated "The Witcher" and good luck to the Kansas City Chiefs, Henry's team.

    1. No, but thanks! we'll look for it, see if it's recorded somewhere. Appreciate it.


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