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Friday, December 20, 2019

Time To Binge: 'The Witcher' Is Out On Netflix

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Here we go!

The Witcher is now streaming on Netflix. Check it out and let us know what you think.

So far, Henry is getting some big props for his portrayal as Geralt of Rivia.

Congratulations to Henry and the rest of the cast and crew. We think the show is definitely addictive and has all the elements of a successful fantasy series. Bring on Season 2!

You can check out all reviews at Rotten Tomatoes.

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  2. Henry's performance is amazing, never seen him so good, he does so much with so little dialogue, however having said that, if you have not read the books or played the games (wich I have not) this was edited and written terribly. I watched it once straight through and was confused so went back and watched some of it ti see what I don't get it. Just absolutely awful job explaining knitting the story together by the writers, editors and directors.
    This will not gain traction with unfamiliar viewers. Just baffling why they would limit their audience to only people familiar with books/games. Baffling???

  3. I had originally promised myself I'd watch *one* episode at a time (once a week)...I sat down yesterday evening after work and finishing up household chores and next thing you know I'm down 5 episodes and it's 2am...hahaha! "The Witcher" is ADDICTIVE! What's funny is I was nervous for Henry like you'd be for a friend (no, I'm not a weirdo), but I became so immediately lost into the series, all my worries vanished, that I completely delved into the characters, not thinking "Oh, that's Henry" while watching...No, that's Geralt! (I hope that makes sense.) Henry, the whole cast- y'all have done an excellent job. (But that's not what I'm thinking while watching it...and that's how it should be- You're not thinking "Oh their acting is so great"...you're thinking "How will Geralt get out of this situation?!" Anyways, I'm blabbing... I don't want to post *any* spoilers (other forums are..ugh), so I will just leave it at that!

    1. I managed to stay up until 4am and completed 6 episodes. I just couldn't stop watching it even though my eyes kept slowly fallling shut. I am now up to episode 4 the 2nd time around. Love it and Henry is so good in it. It's better re-watching it because you know more of what's happening and can pick up on things you mised the first time around. I think I will watch it at least 10 times just to make sure I understand it all. 😜

  4. The worst thing about finishing Season One...the long wait until Season 2!!! Xx

  5. Merry Christmas Henry!!!!


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