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Thursday, December 26, 2019

New 'The Witcher' Stills: Geralt's Two Sides

The fierce and soft side of Geralt on display in these two new stills from The Witcher. You can see the rest over at farfarawaysite.com. If you're now in your second or third viewing of the show, we recommend you also check out our main page sidebar for everything from the promo tour and our The Witcher playlist on YouTube, for all of Henry's new interviews and more.

Images: Netflix


  1. Season's greetings to the great team of The Witcher!
    Confessions first. I haven't played the game. I haven't read the books (sorry, I do feel ashamed). So, I started watching the series when bored with other options on Netflix...Miracle...I couldn't stop! O_o
    Have to say it's not only Henry's spells (with all due respect to his awesomeness). The overall quality of the movies is very high. Interesting plot, many nice characters (pity they get killed quite regularly :))). Absolutely great job!
    Thank you, you've made my Christmas, guys. :)

  2. Sorry. I was too busy watching the Witcher for the 3rd time to comment. Bur I must say everything about Geralt (Henry) is amazing 🥰


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