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Friday, February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day From Henry & Kal

Single pringle party at 8!

Thanks Henry and Kal for this lovely Valentine's Day card.


  1. This post is another absolute gem from precious, sweet Henry <3.
    If I had only half his warmth, heart and positivity...Happy Valentine's Day, Henry and Kal <3...a day, indeed, to appreciate love and love ones. Much love to my favourite Single Pringle Xxx

  2. H, May love come to you in the most unexpected ways and unlikely forms. Thank you for continuing to spread, & sprinkle, your unique kind of Henry kindness around in the world.
    An eternal H.C. fan

  3. Kal 😍😍😍😍... I wish I was there with you 😞

  4. Just when you think Henry could not possibly get anymore adorable, he goes and posts this . I love this guy's heart and soul. Doesn't hurt that he is pretty too 😘❤

    1. Excuse me but he's mine. My heart is his and his heart is mine.

  5. Swoon!! Love Henry and Kal!

  6. Henry, mine are. My heart is yours and your heart is. 😁


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