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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

New Pics: Henry Covers ELLE Men China

Henry is on the cover of the February issue of ELLE Men China and here's a first look via the magazine's official Weibo account. They've also released new pics from the shoot and a preview of his interview with them (Google translated):

Thick brown hair, wide foreheads, heavy eyebrows, sincere ice blue eyes, square and strong cheekbones, discreet lips, beautiful and attractive apple chins, and a recognized bodybuilding masculine ... Henry Cavill sometimes praised by the public for being handsome as a sculpture and sometimes lamented as a real Superman, he said, "In the temple of superheroes, Superman has always been the most well-known and respected character. I can participate in the return of Superman to the screen with honor. "

We'll have the full interview if/when we get it. UPDATE: Here is the link (You can read it with Google translate).

Thanks to babykkoi for the heads up.

Photography JUMBO TSUI @JumboTsui
Interview, writing IRIS LONGSTOCKING @IrisLongstocking
Editor ELVA ZHENG @势力研究 圆


  1. This is my absolute favourite photo shoot...until the next one =D. Stunning photos, and superb styling by Sherry. Henry is truly phenomenal. Can't wait for the full interview xx

  2. Amor eres lo máximo exitoso sigo esperando más de ti. 💗👍

  3. His photoshoots are on another level ♥♥

  4. where to buy a magazine?

  5. Handsome as always. A perfect photo shoot. Elle magazine picked a perfect person for this one. :-)


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