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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

'The Witcher' BTS, Henry's New Interview Ahead Of Season 2

No grumpy vibes from Geralt at all, in this BTS pic from the first season of The Witcher!

Director Marc Jobst shared the set photo while responding to this new post by showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich, as filming on Season 2 gets ready to go.

Jobst's caption on the BTS pic, alluded to the very rainy winter weather they had to deal with while filming in Hungary.

"This is what it was really like...all smiles but I don’t remember the rainbow!!"

Meantime, Henry has been busy preparing to become Geralt once again, as you can tell from his daily workout posts on Instagram.

It's no easy feat, as he explained to Harper's Bazaar UK:

Cavill confirms there's “a lot of gym work” in his weekly schedule. When he’s shooting a movie or series, “to make sure that I can survive it,” he trains twice a day.

“Yes, it’s definitely for aesthetic reasons,” he admits, “but it’s also for the ability to actually manage an arduous shoot for seven to eight months – or whatever it may be. Working 14-hour days does take its toll.”

You can read the rest of Henry's new interview at their site and stay tuned for the latest updates on everything The Witcher!

UPDATE (2/13): It appears The Witcher may have started filming in the UK. More details as we get them.


  1. Thank you so much for posting. Any tidbit of info about Henry and The Witcher 2 is exciting to hear. I wish Henry the very best as he begins the long hours and grueling work ahead.

  2. Another excellent interview from Henry...and a magnificent bts photo. That smile..oh my goodness...wonderful to see given the intense shoot Xx

  3. Tan bello mi Henry!!!
    I'm so excited for The Witcher season 2.
    Thanks for sharing HCN.

  4. Henry the first season was great, I've watched it about 6 time I figure something new out. I've ordered a couple of the books, I'm going to get all of them. You make the perfect Geralt.

  5. Great show amazing game cant wait to see the next season. Henry did geralt Justice thanks... From a nerd

  6. Happy ♡ Day to H.C.! May the the weather stay dry in Surrey.
    An eternal & hopefully devoted HC fan


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